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About Us

761 Union St. Fredericton, NB - Kiers Marketing Group Kiers Marketing Group is a full-service creative marketing firm. We provide our clients with creative and professional expertise that delivers both immediate and long-term results, on budget and on time.

At Kiers, we think big no matter how small the project is. We have the people, the experience and the talent to deliver the results you're looking for.

Since we opened for business in 1984, our driving force has been to provide our clients with the highest and best "return on investment" for their marketing budgets. It only makes sense.

What can you expect from Kiers Marketing Group? No fluff. No hype. No outrageous promises. Just solid solutions that work and delivered on time. A focus on customer service that acts and thinks the way you do, anticipating your needs and doing whatever it takes to not only earn your business but keep it.

The Kiers Environment

We love our office and studio space, as do our clients when they first come to visit. As our company expanded, we needed more space to accommodate additional staff, equipment, etc. Never keen on standard office space with a multiple cubicle environment, we looked for something different.

We found it in a church built in 1896 that was for sale. High ceilings with intricate wood work, open space which we renovated to suit our work flow and big windows all create an environment that in a word, is inspirational.

Yes, the exterior can still be mistaken for a church (complete with steeple), but the inside provides us with great office and studio space. Our office environment plays a big role in defining our company's culture... a culture of thinking outside the box.

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